30 hours free childcare

We are pleased to say that we will be offering 30 hours government-funded childcare for eligible families, beginning from September 2017.

All 3- and 4-year-old children in England are currently eligible to receive 15 hours a week government-funded early education. If their parents are living and working in England, 3- and 4-year-olds may now be entitled to 30 hours funded childcare which is 1,140 hours per year in total!

If you are eligible you will be entitled to access the 30 funded hours from the beginning of the term following your child’s 3rd birthday. The funding is available during 37 of the 38 weeks of term time each year. Where possible we will allocate the full 30 hours, however if spaces are limited we will be able to offer part of the funded hours on a shared care basis as you are able to split the hours between two care settings.


In order to qualify parents must earn (or expect to earn) the equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum or Living wage over the coming three months. This equates to £120 per week for each parent over 25 years old or £112.80 a week for each parent between 21 and 24 years old and £56 a week for apprentices in their first year. You are not able to claim the 30 hours free childcare if you, or your partner, expect to earn £100,000 or more.

Where a parent is in the ‘start up period’ i.e if they are newly self-employed they do not need to demonstrate that they meet the income criteria for 12 months.

How to claim

To receive the free additional entitlement for your child you need to apply for a voucher code via the HMRC’s childcare service. This can be accessed at https://www.chilcarechoices.gov.uk/. Once you have received the voucher code we will need this along with the parent’s National Insurance number and your child’s date of birth for us to claim the funding for you.

If you have any other questions about how the funding is applied, please get in touch.